What Are The Disadvantages & Solutions Of An Inversion Table?

In the crowd, there are many fitness methods and techniques an individual with knowledge can apply. You can always consult a trainer from your city on how you can do it too. There are different people with different requirements but when you have a requirement there are plenty of things you are not aware of, and you tend to lead to some issues later on.

Inversion therapy is known for “relaxation and workout” at the same time. If you are someone who always wanted to workout at home without spending a minute inside of a GYM, then inversion therapy suits you, but you have to make sure that you have enough knowledge on “How to work out and what positions are right for you.” It would take some time for you to grasp it but it’s worth it. Teeter EP-960 inversion table is one of the best selling inversion table which will allow you to stretch by 180 degree angle.

What Are The Disadvantages & Solutions Of An Inversion Table?

If you want to workout on the Inversion Table, then it isn’t a bad idea. However, there are also few downsides which you should be aware of and in case, if you avoid it then it can result in health issues, which would become difficult to revert later on. As suggested by Fitnesstep1.com in this article – treadmills also provide the great way to loose weight and build great stamina at home.

If you are wondering, what will you do after you realize that you can no longer workout on the inversion table then we will also provide yours with suitable solutions that can help you continue your fitness journey.

Not Suitable For Everyone

Not everyone is in the similar health state, and we all have some issues with our health. Some of the people have a different condition like High BP or Low BP. The inversion table is all about taking your body in an unusual state which can jeopardize your health.

When you are planning to use it regularly, then there are many things a HEART patient should consider because the positions are not suitable for the heart patients.

Solution: If you are someone who has never worked out on the Inversion Table but have an ailment then you should consult a nearby doctor or your family physician because it can be dreadful for your health and lead to some serious issues later on. You can get back on the Inversion Table idea but consult a doctor first.


The world is small because you can find many people who are suffering from a common health issue like Ear and Eye problem. The workout has pressure on your Eyes and Ears, so if you are suffering from the eye or the ear problems, then you better call it off.

Solution: If you are looking for a solution then you better contact your doctor because you don’t want to take a risk that can jeopardize your health. An unusual pressure can cause your ear drums to tear, so you better consult a doctor first.

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It is not a bad idea to look for alternatives and solutions, but while doing so we come across things which motivate us to try, but later we regret it. So it is always a wise idea to contact a doctor first. If you have any story to share then use the comment box.