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Some history About our Company

Kennon S. Shea & Associates, a group of eight long-term care facilities is owned and operated by Kennon S. Shea. Ken is part of the third generation of a family who have been continuously serving in the long-term care field since the late 1940’s.


During the late 1950’s and 60’s, the Shea family built and operated a group of twelve private facilities that pioneered many of the current long-term care concepts.

California Special Care Center – Aerial View December 1966

Ken has been in the field for over thirty years, from administering four facilities in the 1970’s, to owning and operating a group of eight facilities that carry on his family’s tradition of meeting the needs of the residents and communities.

At Kennon S. Shea & Associates, we understand the importance of family, friends and a familiar environment in the healing process. That is why our innovative team approach and comprehensive treatment programs focus on the individual.

In your search for short or long-term care facility that addresses all aspects of an individual’s specialized medical needs, look to Kennon S. Shea & Associates group of healthcare centers.

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